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Customer-facing analytics for modern SaaS

A better way to build user-facing dashboards & reports

Trusted by 50+ SaaS businesses

Why use Vizzly?

Build best-in-class analytics experiences in hours, not months

Accelerate time to value

Integrate with minimal technical overhead by leveraging Vizzly's no-code builder. Use code when you need to apply custom logic, achieving the perfect blend of no-code and pro-code.

Build interactive experiences

Provide your customers with the analytics experience that's right for them: from simple analytics dashboards to sophisticated self-serve reporting capabilities.

Total control over UI & UX

Make the dashboard look, feel, and behave like the rest of your app. Extend it with code using overrides and callback functions, or build views and dashboards programmatically if needed.

Next generation embedded analytics

Wave goodbye to clunky and rigid white label solutions

A low-code tool that doesn’t limit you

Vizzly gives you all the tools you need to create anything from simple analytics to powerful interactive dashboards

Query engines

Effortlessly connect to your database or API using one of Vizzly's powerful query engines, either self-hosted or hosted by Vizzly.


Run the query engine on your infrastructure with our Dockerized approach for maximum control over your data.

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Let Vizzly host the query engine to minimize setup effort and get your reporting capabilities to market faster.

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Load JSON directly in your browser from any REST or GraphQL API, fetching data when the dashboard first loads.

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No-code dashboard builder

Build views and dashboards with our no-code editor—perfect for non-technical stakeholders in product or customer success teams.

Theme API

Build beautiful dashboards by overriding CSS objects and dashboard components to create a UI that aligns with your design system.

Plugin API

Inject custom visualization into the dashboard component if Vizzly doesn't support a view type you need. Great for niche industry requirements.

JS services package

Build, persist, fetch, and update dashboards programmatically. You don't need to use our no-code builder if it's not right for you.

What our customers say

Trusted by modern software companies, around the world

Vizzly has been incredible for getting up and running in a short space of time. The speed of iteration is excellent; we can spin up new data views in minutes if we need to.

Naz Malek
CPO @Onfolk

We have total control over the user interface and experience. We were thinking about building in-house instead but when we came across Vizzly it was a no brainer.

Anuraag Jain
CEO @Zensors

The visualization capability is amazing, but perhaps most importantly, the Vizzly team ships fast; this gives us a lot of confidence for the future.

Matthew Lees
CEO @EastLearning
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We looked at various embedded analytics solutions. Vizzly was the one that had the fastest implementation with top-notch support. We deployed within 1 week!

Avi Avci
CTO @Ariglad
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We use the Custom Reporting product, and our customers are obsessed with the templating feature. They can edit the dashboard easily, answer their own queries in a simple and flexible UI.

Kaustav Mitraberg
CEO @Paradime

With Vizzly, we have complete parity with our design system. We get all the benefits of an in-house build, plus so much more. The team are super supportive too.

Nick Gomez
CEO @Inkeep

Our users love Vizzly; the fact they can customize the Views has boosted platform engagement and reduced the number of ad hoc data requests we get.

Nigel Sim
CTO @FlyFreely

Time-to-market was insane, we signed up Friday and were live with our user-facing dashboard on Monday. Customization options are unrivalled plus the developer tools are great.

Prajwal Prakash
CTO @Clueso
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Our users love Vizzly; the fact they can customize the Views has boosted platform engagement and reduced the number of ad hoc data requests we get.

Chris Chae
CEO @Relate
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