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Clueso Partners with Vizzly for Embedded Analytics

December 13, 2023

Clueso, a YC-backed AI-driven content creation platform specializing in generating user-friendly how-to articles and videos, needed to build an analytics dashboard for their users—fast! The company collects data on end-user interactions to help customers understand content performance and engagement. Similar to most SaaS companies, this isn’t a capability Clueso wanted to build in-house. They needed a solution that they could integrate into its workflow, one that could also be extended for future development.


As many startups do, Clueso was optimizing for speed. A large customer was on the verge of converting, but they needed one simple thing: a way to make sense of their analytics. CSVs wouldn’t cut it. This is a common series of events for many SaaS or AI startups. Of course, Clueso could have hacked together a couple of charts built on a simple API, but they needed something that was interactive, that looked great off-the-shelf, and something that could be extended for future customer requests. By future-proofing this aspect of their platform, they could refocus on core activity.


Clueso CTO, Prajwal Prakash, found Vizzly on Y-Combinator’s startup directory on Friday evening, and by Monday, they were live with a user-facing analytics dashboard. Vizzly is used by many of Y-Combinator’s community and is largely known for its flexibility and extensibility. But a major benefit of Vizzly is also the time-to-value and speed to market.

Clueso is using Vizzly’s in-browser solution, meaning they’ve connected through API, set up identity for multi-tenancy using one of our client libraries, and embedded the JS-based dashboard component. Not only were Clueso able to satisfy this particular large customer and win the deal, but they offer a best-in-class analytics experience, which current and future customers will benefit from.

We want to spend dev time on the core product and our innovative feature-set: not building things that have been done before, or customising them for each customer. Vizzly allowed us to keep that velocity while providing top notch analytics. The SDK was a breeze to integrate, and we needed to do almost nothing to give our users all sorts of complex charts and a great experience. The best part is knowing we don’t have to return to maintain or upgrade this part of the application on our end.

Prajwal Prakash, CTO @ Clueso


Clueso’s analytics dashboard is live and ready for their customers to enjoy. By partnering with Vizzly, Clueso have found a team dedicated to enhancing their analytics experience for their customers. Having raced to market, Clueso can build on this feature as and when their platform and user base scales.

In summary:

  • Effortless integration; up and running over the weekend.
  • Enhanced user experience: Clueso have another string to their bow, with embedded analytics.

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