Google BigQuery

Embed Analytics with Google BigQuery

BigQuery is Google's data warehouse product. Building dashboards with BigQuery has never been easier. Connecting Vizzly to BigQuery takes just a few minutes and allows you to quickly build... See our docs for more details about Vizzly + BigQuery.

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Google BigQuery

Best-in-class user-facing analytics and reporting, with no compromises

Cloud Hosting & Self-Hosting

Host in your own infrastructure or use Vizzly Cloud for simple setup.

Configurable caching layer

Ensures your dashboard runs cost-effectively and with low latency.

Flexible access controls

SDKs are available to assist you in setting up permissions for multi-tenant environments.

Data modelling

Build datasets in the UI or with code, and define how you want specific fields to behave.

SQL Views

Combine datasets and perform complex calculations to generate new metrics.

Secure by default

Use filter guards to secure your user's data in a multi-tenant environment.

Flexible frontend

A frontend built for ease of use without compromising on design or user experience.

Direct API access available

Programmatically build views or dashboards with Vizzly's JS services package.

Normalized & dynamic data structures

Highly flexible query engines that can work with data structures of all shapes and sizes.

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