East Learning launch embedded analytics

January 22, 2024

East Learning is a social enterprise providing support to schools and colleges through their data-driven approach to personal development.

Their 'Aspirations programme' seeks to go beyond academic grades, using data gathering to capture student voices, with built-in impact measurement and reporting for evidence-driven improvements. So far, they have been able to support over 35 schools and 30k+ students, leading to positive impacts in participation.


With data at the core of its offering, East Learning was eager to ensure that this program could be scalable across many more schools and students. Prior to Vizzly, the team faced significant challenges in managing and sharing data, with report generation requiring a large manual input, ultimately consuming time and resources.

This manual approach detracted from the core offering itself, with teachers needing to piece together disparate datasets from Excel and Google Sheets. With limited engineering resources to build in-house and no desire to use market alternatives like Looker or PowerBI, East Learning required a cost-effective solution that not only streamlined the process of data analysis without making sacrifices on product quality but also allowed for better scalability, seamless integration, and customization options.


Vizzly offers an analytics and reporting capability in a box: a query engine, user authentication, and a powerful visualization layer that's extensible with code.

The end-users (teachers) are exposed to an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, so they can query, visualize, and explore data inside the East Learning platform. Because Vizzly’s highly extensible with code, East Learning was able to build the user experience that was best for their customers.

We really enjoy working with the Vizzly team. The visualization capability is amazing, but beyond that, their customer support is incredibly thoughtful and attentive working hand in hand with our team. Perhaps most importantly, the Vizzly team ships fast; this gives us a lot of confidence for the future.

Matthew Lees, CEO @ East Learning


Vizzly's integration allows for scalability across East Learning's 'Aspiration program,' saving them significant time and resources on what could have been a costly engineering build with limited results. With Vizzly's integration, they can maintain a high-quality product that supports their teachers and ultimately allows them to positively impact schools and students.

In summary, with Vizzly, East Learning have:

  • A best-in-class analytics experience, without significant engineering overhead.
  • The ability to rapidly test and iterate on different data views.
  • A visualization partner that listens and acts on their requests.

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