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Ariglad saved 6 months of dev time with Vizzly

January 22, 2024

Ariglad is a HR helpdesk platform designed to assist People Ops teams in significantly reducing the time allocated to employee communication by up to 80%. Notable companies such as Webflow and Flexport rely on Ariglad to streamline the organization of employee inquiries and support. In summary: it's the next big thing in HR Tech 🚀


A cornerstone of Ariglad’s product is its People Analytics product. Often people metrics are scattered, unclear, or unrecorded and therefore incredibly difficult to utilise.


Ariglad addresses the issue of scattered information by consolidating it into a unified and centralized platform. However, understanding the significance of visual exploration and analysis, Ariglad wanted to develop a comprehensive analytics dashboard to engage, retain and delight their customers.


Naturally, developing an in-house analytics capability to enable customers to create custom reports would have demanded substantial resources. This would have affected engineering velocity, roadmap planning, and the ability to close deals in a timely manner.


Ariglad had a strong desire for a developer-friendly solution that offered seamless integration, high customization options, and extensibility through their own code. They set the bar high, and that's precisely why they selected Vizzly as their preferred choice.


Data driven HR analytics add value to an organization to find what truly creates employee satisfaction that ultimately leads to higher performance rates. That’s why Ariglad uses Vizzly to create, visualize and share unique analytics with people teams.


In a matter of days, Ariglad had access to the following:

  • A powerful analytics dashboard for their users to explore and interrogate data
  • A custom report builder for users to create and edit their own tables and charts
  • An embed that truly looked and felt like Ariglad; native to the rest of their app
“Vizzly allowed us to embed a top quality customizable and whitelabled analytics dashboard right into our product. This saved us so much time and engineering resources and allowed us to get the solution provided by the analytics experts.”

Ali Avci, Co-Founder & CTO @ Ariglad


The Ariglad team were able to get up and running with the first iteration of their dashboard in less than 2 days. Not only that, they now possess a dashboard embed solution capable of seamlessly adapting to the evolving requirements of their valued customers, ensuring scalability and long-term satisfaction. In summary:

  • Lightening quick integration
  • Huge annual cost saving when compared to building in-house
  • Maximises deal closure with new product capability

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