Relate choose Vizzly for Custom Reporting

January 22, 2024

Relate is a simple CRM designed for startups and small businesses. The team is taking on Salesforce and HubSpot with a product that counters the bloat and complexity of these systems. Relate makes sales easy through its simple UI and workflows. With Relate, you can also connect with the rest of your GTM for maximum deal context when managing the pipeline. Cool huh?

One feature that personifies how antiquated Salesforce is, is their analytics dashboard and reporting capability. Relate chose Vizzly to power their custom reporting capability and overnight had an analytics experience more powerful and intuitive than the market-leading CRM.


Relate collates data on sales leads, pipeline, deal context, and more. Sales leaders want a snapshot of performance and how their sales team and deal flow are progressing over time. Relate is vertical-agnostic (horizontal SaaS), which means customers will likely have a diverse array of data requirements and questions they'd like to ask of their CRM.

Building a customer-facing dashboard is difficult; building a customer-facing dashboard that users can customize is even harder. Companies like Stripe, Zendesk, and other big tech brands have dedicated engineering teams to build and maintain their customer-facing reporting. Taking on this challenge as a startup in growth mode, especially when it's not core to your domain expertise, is an incredibly daunting task.


The Relate team reached out to Vizzly for a demo, and within one week, were up and running with a custom reporting capability ready for user testing. Relate connected directly via API; data security was of prime importance to them, and embedded the Vizzly dashboard using the Vue component. Relate also leveraged Vizzly’s Theme API to make the dashboard embed look and feel completely native to the rest of their application (it looks like an in-house build).

With Vizzly, Relate customers can edit the template dashboard, build their own data views, or select from a list of pre-configured views that Relate has created for them. No matter how diverse the users’ data needs are, Relate have a solution built to satisfy.

“We looked at various solutions for analytics dashboard. Vizzly was the one that had the fastest implementation with top-notch support. We were able to deploy our reporting page within one week of adopting Vizzly!”

Chris Chae, Co-founder @ Relate


Relate’s custom reporting capability is live and ready for their users to enjoy. By partnering with Vizzly, Relate has produced an analytics dashboard that goes above and beyond what their competitors have spent months building in-house. Not only that, but the embed is highly extensible, so if Relate wants to further develop the solution via their UI or with code, they can.

In summary, with Vizzly, Relate have:

  • A custom reporting capability for customers to self-serve on data
  • Accelerate time-to-market; reduced from several months to days
  • A highly engaging analytics experience for users

If you’re in the market for a simple CRM, go check out Relate 🔗

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