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Viddy’s Custom Reporting Powered by Vizzly

May 10, 2024

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  • You’re an e-commerce brand looking to enhance your landing page performance with detailed analytics.
  • You need a customizable reporting solution that integrates seamlessly into your SaaS platform.
  • You’re searching for a case study on how Viddy implemented an analytics dashboard using Vizzly.
  • You want to understand how to deliver flexible, user-configurable analytics to your end-users quickly.

Viddy is a B2B SaaS platform that helps e-commerce brands boost conversion rates through video-native landing pages. Understanding the performance of these pages is crucial for Viddy’s users, who need robust analytics to optimize their campaigns. Faced with diverse data requirements from their clientele, Viddy needed an analytics and reporting solution that was not only powerful but also flexible enough to meet varied user needs.

The Challenge

Building a custom reporting system in-house is a complex and resource-intensive task. While industry giants like Stripe, Zendesk, and HubSpot have succeeded in this endeavor, for most companies, the intricacies and scale of such a project make it an impractical choice.

Viddy’s core mission is to empower their customers to create engaging landing page experiences and efficiently A/B test and iterate without needing technical expertise. However, building a sophisticated analytics layer wasn’t part of their core competency. This is where Vizzly came into play, providing the perfect solution to meet Viddy’s needs without diverting their focus from their primary goals.

The Solution

Nihar Patil, Founder of Viddy, had been searching for weeks for an analytics solution that could be integrated seamlessly into their product. Upon discovering Vizzly, the team was able to set up a fully functional, user-configurable analytics dashboard in less than a day.

Implementation Process:

  1. Data Integration:
    • Viddy exported their data from PostHog into BigQuery, preparing it for integration with Vizzly.
    • This setup allowed Viddy to centralize their data management and streamline the data flow into the analytics dashboard.
  2. Setting Up Vizzly:
    • Vizzly was used to create the necessary data APIs, define user permissions, and build the visualization layer for the dashboard.
    • The native React embed provided by Vizzly ensured that the dashboard integrated seamlessly with Viddy’s application, maintaining a cohesive user experience.
  3. Rapid Deployment:
    • Vizzly’s no-code and low-code tools allowed Viddy to launch their analytics dashboard rapidly. Users could edit and configure their dashboards with minimal technical intervention, achieving remarkable flexibility and speed.

Nihar Patil praised Vizzly for its quick setup and the superior user experience it provided:

“We were looking for weeks to find something like Vizzly; sure it was quick to build, but the experience we’re able to offer our users is amazing. It literally took 2 days! Huge congrats on a great product.” - Nihar Patil, Founder @ Viddy

The Results

With Vizzly, Viddy achieved several key outcomes:

  • Incredible Time-to-Market: Viddy was able to go live with their custom reporting dashboard in just days, significantly accelerating their time-to-value.
  • User-Configurable Reporting: The platform delivered a complex, customizable reporting capability that allowed end-users to tailor their dashboards to their specific needs quickly and easily.
  • Seamless Integration: Vizzly’s native embed provided a dashboard that looked, felt, and behaved like an integral part of the Viddy application, ensuring a smooth and consistent user experience.


Viddy’s successful integration of Vizzly highlights how fast-growing startups can leverage robust, flexible analytics solutions to enhance their product offerings. By choosing Vizzly, Viddy was able to meet their users' diverse data needs without the extensive resources typically required for in-house development.

If you’re an e-commerce brand looking to enhance your landing page performance with detailed, customizable analytics, check out Viddy and see how they can help you optimize conversions with video-native landing pages.

See how Vizzly compares to open source chart libraries for embedding analytics in your SaaS app.

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