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Next-Gen Embedded Analytics with Vizzly

January 14, 2024

You May Be Here Because:

  • You're seeking a cutting-edge solution for transforming data into embeddable dashboards.
  • You want to enhance your B2B SaaS application with robust, user-friendly analytics.
  • You're tired of outdated, iframe-based analytics and need a modern, JavaScript-based approach.
  • You need a flexible platform that supports both multi-tenant and single-tenant environments.
  • You require extensive customization options to align analytics with your brand’s unique identity.
  • You want the option to build dashboards programmatically or through a no-code interface.

Vizzly stands out by addressing the complexities of embedded analytics without compromising on product quality or user experience. It’s designed to simplify and enhance data-driven interactions, ensuring that you get a straightforward, efficient solution that delivers exceptional value.

1. Simplified Data Modeling

Vizzly revolutionizes data modeling with its innovative query engine, tailored specifically for user-facing analytics. This engine eliminates the need for cumbersome ETL processes, allowing for a more agile approach to data visualization. With an intuitive UI, even non-technical users can create models that are ready for visualization. For advanced needs, Vizzly offers coding flexibility to handle complex data structures effortlessly.

2. Flexible SDKs for User Authentication

Understanding the diverse needs of modern business environments, Vizzly provides SDKs designed for both multi-tenant and single-tenant scenarios. This flexibility ensures that you can securely authenticate and verify user permissions, streamlining the integration process and returning access tokens directly to the client or browser. For detailed implementation guidance, check out our comprehensive documentation.

3. JavaScript-Based Components for Embedding

Vizzly redefines user-facing analytics by embedding the visualization layer directly in JavaScript. With native support for frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, and Svelte, Vizzly ensures high performance and responsiveness, enhancing the user experience significantly. Unlike older, iframe-based solutions like Metabase or PowerBI, Vizzly’s modern approach is more developer-friendly and avoids the limitations of traditional embedding methods.

4. Unrivalled Customization

Vizzly empowers businesses to craft unique analytics experiences with extensive customization options. Use theme APIs, component overrides, and callback functions to control every aspect of your dashboards. This high level of customization allows you to align analytics seamlessly with your brand identity and user preferences, going beyond basic changes like color or font. Soon, Vizzly’s Plugin API will even let you inject custom visualizations for niche requirements.

5. Optionality for Building Programmatically

Every B2B SaaS application is unique, and Vizzly accommodates this with robust programmatic capabilities. Whether you prefer to use code for creating dashboards or leverage our no-code builder, Vizzly provides the flexibility to tailor analytics to your application's specific needs. This approach ensures that different customer groups can enjoy tailored, bespoke analytics experiences.

6. AI-Infused Embedded Analytics

Vizzly sets a new benchmark by integrating AI into the dashboard experience. Users can choose between a traditional BI interface or a conversational interface to build and format their data views. This AI infusion makes analytics more accessible to users who may not be data experts, broadening the potential user base and making data-driven decision-making more inclusive.


Say goodbye to outdated constraints and step into the future with Vizzly. With a focus on user-centric design, powerful capabilities, and seamless integration, Vizzly elevates your embedded analytics to a new level. Transform your data into an integral part of your user-facing applications and welcome the next generation of embedded analytics with Vizzly.

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