Next Generation Embedded Analytics

January 22, 2024

Welcome to next generation embedded analytics – where Vizzly transforms your data into best-in-class embeddable dashboards. Now, let's dive into the core components that distinguish Vizzly's next-gen embedded analytics, finely tuned for both embedded analytics and user-facing apps.

In a world where time-to-value is a rare commodity, the focus of next-gen embedded analytics, like Vizzly, is on minimizing compromises in product and user experience. Vizzly addresses the complexities and nuances inherent in analytics solutions, providing a straightforward solution that's all about efficient, data-driven experiences. That's the essence of Vizzly – you don't need to compromise.

1. Data Modelling made easy

Vizzly introduces a revolutionary query engine that streamlines the data modeling process, providing a lightweight yet robust solution. Tailored for user-facing analytics, this engine eliminates the need for heavy ETL processes. The intuitive UI empowers users to effortlessly build data visualization-ready models. Even in scenarios with dynamic customer data structures, Vizzly offers coding options for unmatched flexibility in addressing sophisticated use cases.

2. Flexible SDKs for user authentication

Acknowledging the diverse landscape of business environments, Vizzly offers Software Development Kits (SDKs) crafted for both multi-tenant and single-tenant scenarios. On your server, you will authenticate and verify the permissions of the current user, before using one of our client libraries to sign the identity config and return the access tokens to the browser or client. More information can be found in our documentation here.

3. JS-based components for embedding

Vizzly takes user-facing analytics to new heights by embedding the visualization layer directly in JavaScript, with native support for React as well as Angular, Vue, and Svelte. This strategic choice enhances performance, responsiveness, and the overall user experience. Unlike older alternatives relying on iFrames, such as Metabase,, PowerBI and Looker, Vizzly's contemporary approach is much more developer and user friendly. The iFrame might be okay for a payment widget, but not for an interactive dashboard or reporting experience.

4. Unrivalled customization

Empowering businesses to create a unique user-facing analytics experience, Vizzly offers extensive customization options. Take command of the look, feel, and behavior of your analytics dashboards using theme APIs, component overrides, and callback functions. This level of customization ensures that your analytics seamlessly align with your brand identity and cater to specific user preferences, fostering a more engaging and tailored experience. For clarity, we're not talking about changing high-level items like color and font; you can override CSS objects and replace subcomponents within the dashboard.

Vizzly will soon launch a Plugin API, allowing users to inject custom data visualizations into the dashboard if they want to use their own or if they have a niche visualization requirement.

5. Optionality for building programmatically

Recognizing the inherent uniqueness of every B2B SaaS app, Vizzly provides robust programmatic capabilities. Code your way through the creation of dashboards and views, taking complete control over the user-facing analytics experience. This flexibility allows you to tailor analytics to fit the distinct needs of your application seamlessly. Vizzly empowers developers to craft a bespoke analytics experience that resonates with the intricacies of their user base; you can serve different customer groups entirely different experiences.

Of course, if your needs are relagtively straightforward, you can use our no-code dashboard builder.

6. AI-infused embedded analytics

Vizzly sets a new standard for embedded analytics by seamlessly integrating AI into the core dashboard experience. Users can toggle between a traditional BI interface or a conversational interface to build and format their data views. With AI-infused analytics, Vizzly opens up new possibilities for all types of users, including those less data-literate and less comfortable using analytics solutions.


Bid farewell to outdated constraints as Vizzly leads the charge into the future of embedded analytics. With a user-centric approach, potent capabilities, and seamless integration options, Vizzly empowers businesses to elevate their user-facing analytics game. Step into a future where analytics is not just a tool but an integral part of your user-facing applications. Welcome to the next generation of embedded analytics—welcome to Vizzly.

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