Host Vizzly your way

Deploy Vizzly on your own infrastructure in less than an hour

Deploy Vizzly in minutes

Control the data, never let it leave your servers

Deploy the way want to

Deploy Vizzly on your own infrastructure in less than 10 minutes and access your data no matter where it is.

Cloud agnostic; you choose where to deploy
Reduced data access latency
Vizzly CLI for faster more efficient setup
Pull your latest data models directly from git
Set the Vizzly config using the CLI
Deploy the Docker image
Setup the Vizzly config via CLI or UI Manager
Build the identity endpoint for multi0tenancy
For complex, regulated industries

Seize command of your analytics through Vizzly's self-hosted setup choices: link via databases, GraphQL, or REST APIs.

Maintain control over your data security measures
Connect with the most popular SQL databases via Docker
Alternatively, load JSON directly in-browser
Works with both multi-tenant and single-tenant environments
Develop-friendly experience

All the benefits of in-house development, without the need to start entirely from scratch. Truly, it's the best of both worlds.

A dashboard component extensible with code
Callback functions that work with in-house logic
Direct API access available via a React Hook
Easy-to-use UI for setting up dataset configs

What Our Customers say


“With Vizzly, we were able to achieve complete parity with our design system. With Vizzly, we get all the benefits of an in-house build, plus more.”


“Vizzly has been incredible for getting up and running in a short space of time. The speed of iteration is excellent and the team’s support has been great!”


“Our users love Vizzly; the fact they can customize the Views has boosted platform engagement and reduced the number of ad hoc data requests we get.”

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