Customer-facing analytics with Snowflake.

Vizzly makes it easy for developers to connect to Snowflake and build beautiful dashboards for any use case

Connect & transform data
Happy customers
Visual embed SDK
Offices around the world
Programmatic feature toggles
CSS overrides
Customer satisfaction

Get setup in no time

Get started with the Vizzly CLI

Setup the Vizzly CLI and pull your latest data models directly from git and get all the benefits of version control in Vizzly.

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Build your datasets

Define the datasets for your users. Your users will never see the database schema - only what you choose to make available.

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Deploy to the cloud

Deploy to your chosen cloud provider. We support AWS, GCP, Heroku and soon we'll support Azure.

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Setup multi-tenancy

Leverage our SDKs to setup row-level permissions, so your customers can only access data specific to them.

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Embed the component

Copy the code for the React component and embed it into your project. See our docs on how to get started with CRA.

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Don't just take our word for it

Vizzly has been incredible for getting up and running in a short space of time. The speed of iteration is excellent and the team’s support has been great.

Naz Malik | Co-Founder

Vizzly provides us with the framework and tools to build a sophisticated analytics experiences for our users with minimal developer resource.

Albert Gozzi | CEO

In no time at all we were able to get our custom reporting feature up and running. This has saved us so much time and engineering resource.

Ali Avci | CTO