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Build analytics dashboards and reports for customers for free. Simply upload your CSV, build them via our UI, and share them with anyone via a URL.

Share data with anyone, in minutes

Visualize and share your insights with the world, no data literacy needed.

Upload your data via CSV

Turn any CSV into a beautiful analytics dashboard in minutes. No need to connect your database or API.

No-code setup experience; test Vizzly without technical support.
Upload as many CSVs as you like per user account.
Define data types in a simple interface - no SQL knowledge needed.
For live data connectivity, access our database and API options.
Build using a simple UI

Craft the dashboard through an intuitive UI. Enhance interactivity with viewer filters and date range controls.

10+ different view types available: charts, tables, and maps.
Intuitive drag-and-drop user interface for building dashboard views.
Effortlessly incorporate filters, parameters and other data controls.
Generate and share up to five dashboards with anyone you choose.
Share or embed via URL

Make available to select individuals or share your dashboard with the world. You're in control.

Share dashboards or reports via email or URL internally or externally
Test iterations of your dashboards with users before integrating fully
Once your engineering team is ready, share Cloud or Self-Hosted docs.
Invite other members of your team to your Vizzly account

What Our Customers say


“With Vizzly, we were able to achieve complete parity with our design system. With Vizzly, we get all the benefits of an in-house build, plus so much more. The team are super supportive too!”


“Vizzly has been incredible for getting up and running in a short space of time. The speed of iteration is excellent and the team’s support has been great. Thank you Vizzly!”


“Our users love Vizzly; the fact they can customize the Views has boosted platform engagement and reduced the number of ad hoc data requests we get.”


"We looked at various embedded analytics solutions. Vizzly was the one that had the fastest implementation with top-notch support. We deployed within 1 week of signing up to Vizzly!"

East Learning

"We really enjoy working with the Vizzly team. The visualization capability is amazing, but perhaps most importantly, the Vizzly team ships fast; this gives us a lot of confidence for the future."


"The product's super extensible so we have total control over the user interface and experience. We were thinking about building in-house instead but when we came across Vizzly it was a no brainer."


"We needed an embedded analytics solution that was flexible enough to build and manage customer-facing dashboards programmatically. The JS services package does the job perfectly - super unique."


"Time-to-market was insane, we signed up Friday and were live with our user-facing dashboard on Monday. Customization options are unrivalled plus the developer tooling made Vizzly an easy choice for us."

Mesh Analytics

"Custom reporting would have been a mammoth engineering task to build in-house. Our core competency is in aggregating and modelling data. Vizzly is all we need and more for user-facing analytics."

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