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Webhooks for Scheduled Reporting

January 22, 2024

What's a webhook?

Webhooks are a powerful tool for developers to react to events that occur in real-time. They allow you to receive messages from Vizzly, notifying you of various events, such as when a user creates a custom report. Today, Vizzly is proud to announce the launch of webhooks for scheduled reports, which allows your users to create and run custom reports at the frequency they need, in any format you choose.

Why did we build this?

So why did we build this feature? Well, we noticed that many companies were still running manual reports for their users, which was not an efficient use of their time. Additionally, users often wanted a more personalized approach to reporting, rather than a standardized one. Finally, building a scalable solution for reporting can be a distraction from a company's core activities.

How does it work?

  • Define your webhook endpoint in your Vizzly account
  • Link the webhook to your dashboard templates
  • Define the report schedule options made available to your users using CRON syntax
  • Accept and verify the webhook events on your servers sent over HTTPS
  • Using the event payload, you can send users reports via email, S3 etc.

Why choose Vizzly?

Vizzly is a component library and API for building customer-facing dashboards that allow your users to answer their own queries by building their own tables, charts, and dashboards using the datasets you make available. We understand the importance of developer experience, which is why we've built a solution that's extensible, performant, and highly customizable.

If you're considering building a customer-facing dashboard and are not sure where to begin, let's talk. We'd love to hear your thoughts and considerations. Ultimately, Vizzly's webhooks feature is designed to make your reporting process more efficient whilst providing your users with a more personalized reporting experience.

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