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How Tendable Successfully Delivered User-Facing Dashboards with Vizzly

July 8, 2024


Tendable is a quality improvement and assurance platform designed specifically for the health and social care sector. Over the past seven years, Tendable has revolutionised the way frontline staff engage with quality assurance processes by offering intuitive mobile inspection and auditing tools. These tools not only empower staff to drive improvements in care quality but also provide real-time data and powerful analytics that inform decision-making from the frontline to the boardroom. Tendable’s mission is to deliver actionable insights that enhance patient safety and foster a culture of continuous improvement.

Collaborating with a diverse range of healthcare services across the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and Canada, Tendable counts Ramsey Health Care, London Ambulance Service and Barts Health among its partners. By engaging frontline staff in quality improvement, beyond the limitations of traditional tools, Tendable ensures that healthcare leaders receive high-quality data that drives real improvement in care quality.


A core part of the Tendable platform is its robust analytics and reporting capabilities. Users depend on this data to make informed decisions that impact patient care. The challenge was to enhance the frontend visualization layer, ensuring it is best-in-class to effectively show valuable insights in a way that all important stakeholders—from frontline staff to board members—can easily understand and act upon.

Key factors Tendable valued most when crafting their analytics and reporting experience included:

  • Intuitive custom reporting for end-users to configure their dashboards.
  • A highly extensible solution that aligned with the rest of their application.
  • Flexible filtering to cut and slice data with minimal complexity.
  • Full control over their data, ensuring security.
  • Minimal latency; unlike traditional embedded analytics solutions.


Introducing Vizzly into the Tendable product was a significant shift from what was being used with their previous provider. Vizzly offered a modern approach to user-facing analytics, featuring powerful custom reporting and templating. It provided a native React component instead of iFrame-based embedding, which is highly extensible with code, allowing developers to customize or configure the UX. Additionally, non-technical users can still engage with the dashboard, build, and iterate through the UI if they want to take control over future iterations.

Tendable was also able to self-host the Vizzly query engine, resulting in a highly secure solution with greater control over query performance, helping to reduce latency.

Nursing leaders need insights to make a positive impact on patient care quickly and intuitively, without a massive training need, Vizzly has made this possible

Vizzly allowed us to build a highly customised analytics experience without the time and complexity of building from scratch. Its code-driven approach streamlined our analytics deployments and enhanced dashboard maintainability.

James Baird, Data Product Manager, Tendable

Tech Stack

  • Amazon Web Services
  • PostgreSQL
  • React


The partnership between Tendable and Vizzly has demonstrated the power of advanced analytics and customized reporting in transforming healthcare practices. By focusing on real-time data, trend analysis, and tailored insights, Tendable has set a new standard for front-line staff engagement and continuous improvement in patient care.

  • Enhanced engagement and retention metrics with Custom Reporting.
  • Ability to service diverse range of user data requirements.
  • Significantly enhanced user experience and dashboard performance.

Check out their analytics experience here.

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