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How the Launched Product Team Successfully Delivered User-Facing Dashboards with Vizzly

June 26, 2024

Launched is a B2B multi-channel ABM SaaS platform built to nurture key decision makers and build a predictable pipeline. By leveraging intent data and advanced campaign management tools, Launched empowers companies like Shell, Fujitsu, and HP. These companies use Launched to generate high-quality leads and increase overall revenue.

A major part of revenue recognition and attribution is reporting, and that’s where Vizzly comes in. Vizzly’s goal has been to help Launched customers see the value of their platform through data and analytics, providing end-users with an objective view of Launched’s value.

The Challenge

Like many modern SaaS startups, focus is everything. The Launched team is dedicated to building an accessible ABM tool for other high-growth companies to maximise their bottom line. With any sales or marketing tool, analytics is an essential component for attribution and value recognition. Building an analytics dashboard for any SaaS app is hard enough, but to compound the complexity of the problem, Launched's customers have diverse data requirements, and a one-size-fits-all reporting capability was never going to be sufficient.

Several factors led to the decision against developing an in-house solution. Firstly, the time required to bring an internal solution to market was excessively long, especially considering the immediate demand for these capabilities from their customers. Furthermore, the resources needed for development, testing, and ongoing maintenance were substantial.

Launched needed a product partner to help them bring a modern reporting experience to their customers that’s truly self-serve, empowering users to configure their dashboard instance tailored to their data needs. In summary, their goals were:

  • Get to market quickly with minimal engineering resources required.
  • Empower non-technical stakeholders with the ability to build and edit dashboards.
  • Provide Launched customers with a custom reporting experience.

The Solution

Implementing Vizzly as their core analytics solution marked a pivotal shift in how Launched managed and presented data to their customers. Launched utilised Vizzly to deploy a custom reporting capability worthy of their large customer base. Instead of manually pulling data into reports to share, Launched rapidly advanced with Vizzly, offering a range of features including custom reporting, templating, and downloads in PDF, CSV, and PNG formats. All of these features are seamlessly integrated with a native JavaScript component that looks, feels, and behaves as a native part of the Launched application.

We looked for months and tried many options for a solution which would fit our customer needs. The main things we were looking for were something easy to use, easy to set up and install and of course a solution that is scalable. When we found Vizzly we instantly knew it was the one. Since we have been partners, I can confidently say we made the right choice. I recommend Vizzly to everyone I speak to.

CEO @ Launched, Joe Allen


The introduction of Vizzly’s embeddable dashboards and reports has been overwhelmingly positive among Launched’s customers. The flexibility and speed that Vizzly provides in creating dashboards and reports have led to substantial cost savings, conservatively estimated at tens of thousands of dollars. This efficiency has significantly reduced the need for extensive developer involvement, thereby preserving valuable engineering resources. Moreover, the Custom Reporting product has helped engage and retain Launched users, giving them even more reasons to log in to what is already an essential element of any GTM leader’s tech stack.

In summary:

  • A battle-tested analytics layer that helps users measure the impact of Launched.
  • A powerful custom reporting capability that would have taken months to develop.
  • A native component that looks and feels just like the Launched application.

If you’re a software company looking to drive revenue with ABM, book a demo with Launched.

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