Data tools to watch in 2024

January 22, 2024

Airbyte · ETL

Airbyte, an open-source ETL platform, has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, positioning itself as a strong rival to Fivetran in the ETL landscape.

With a rich ecosystem of over 300 data connectors and support for 30+ destinations, Airbyte offers extensive compatibility with various data sources, data warehouses, and data lakes. This diverse array of connectors and destinations empowers organizations to effortlessly manage and synchronize their data, making Airbyte a compelling choice for data integration and transformation needs.

Standout areas:
  • Ability to create personalized schemas
  • Real-time monitoring and notifications
  • Extensible with code; open-source platform
  • Reverse ETL is also coming soon

Supabase · Database & Warehousing

Supabase offers a concise and effective solution for app development, featuring core services such as databases, authentication, file storage, and auto-generated APIs. It is often presented as an open-source alternative to Firebase. Like Firebase, Supabase is geared towards empowering the backend of any application, but what sets it apart is its commitment to simplification. In fact, it claims the ability to create a backend in under 3 minutes, making it an enticing option for developers seeking maximum efficiency in their projects.

Supabase has a handful or products; Database, Auth and Storage to name a few.

Standout areas:
  • Database extensions, functions, webhooks and triggers
  • Auth email passwords logins and magic links (plus a UI kit)
  • Storage supporting file uploads, CDN and image transformations

Paradime · Governance & Lineage

Paradime is a startup that assists companies, such as Tide, in building query data, dbt™ models, and graph lineage, all within a single platform. How many times have you wondered what a metric means or where it originates in your analytics stack?

The Paradime platform makes it easy for you to create and maintain consistency, track breakages, and build a collaborative data environment without the need for a data engineer.

Standout areas:
  • Extensive integration with dev tools, databases and BI tools
  • Real-time graph lineage with search
  • Native plugins for business ops to engage with data teams

PostHog · Product Analytics

PostHog is a product analytics platform that not only offers session replay but also includes in-app surveys, feature flags, and a wide range of functionality. It serves as a comprehensive one-stop shop for tools that assist engineering and product teams in collecting and leveraging user data effectively.

The team recently launched a data warehousing capability, powered by ClickHouse. Soon, you'll see a Vizzly integration with PostHog. If you're using PostHog and need embedded analytics, then stay tuned!

Standout areas:
  • A/B testing and feature flags
  • Session replay
  • In-app product surveys
  • A range of data connectors

Vizzly · Embedded Analytics

Vizzly is customer-facing analytics for modern SaaS. What does that mean in practice? We assist SaaS companies in delivering analytics dashboards and reporting capabilities for their users inside their app.

Embedded analytics isn't a new category of data tooling, but it's a category that has gone unloved for over a decade. Vizzly offers a contemporary solution that provides tremendous time-to-value but is also extensible and highly flexible. Because of this, customers don't need to compromise on product quality or user experience.

With Vizzly, you have a single solution for all your users' data needs. Whether it's basic analytics dashboards, advanced custom reporting, or anything in between, users will keep coming back to your app for more.

Standout areas:
  • Ultra low-code experience with minimal developer input
  • Native React or HTML components for embedding
  • Powerful custom reporting option
  • APIs available for customization (theming or extending)

If you are considering or building a customer-facing dashboard or analytics capability, don't be a stranger.

Get in touch with the Vizzly team today.

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