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Build dashboards on any REST API

January 22, 2024

What is Vizzly?

Vizzly provides a low-code solution for building customer-facing dashboards, offering the same level of flexibility as an in-house development process with minimal technical overhead required.

With Vizzly, you can build anything from a simple dashboard for your SaaS app to a highly functional analytics experience, whereby the end-user can create their own views and reports. We'll scale with you from MVP to post-IPO!

Why have we built an API connector?

There are a handful of reasons why one might prefer to connect to an API layer over their database. We've listed a handful below, but there are a bunch more!

Manage server load

When data is loaded in the browser, the server's workload is reduced as it doesn't need to handle every data request. Instead, the server can focus on processing more critical tasks or requests that require backend logic. Although Vizzly has some built-in caching, this method gives the customer more control.

Simplified architecture

Loading data in the browser can simplify the application architecture by reducing the dependencies on backend servers or databases. Because of the lightweight setup, there’s less complexity when it comes to managing database infrastructure.

Enhanced privacy and security

Although our self-hosted query engine means you are ultimately responsible for data security, some folk still prefer to communicate via API. By creating a layer between the DB and the client, it gives you more control.

Because Vizzly aims to provide maximum flexibility to the customer and developer, this was a no-brainer for us to build. With several customers already live and happy, we're ready to release this feature to the world.

How does it work?

When using the Vizzly in-browser query engine, the Vizzly React (or Vue) component will manage all of the queries on the client's browser, and therefore, no further network calls or database queries will be made for each render of the chart.

The setup process is straightforward for a developer:

  • Setup the Vizzly CLI
  • Add the React or HTML component
  • Define the schema of you data sets returned by your API
  • Code the dashboard access / authentication rules

After this, you simply need to build your dashboard experience.

Of course, it's only an effective method when each customer's data is small. Otherwise, our self-hosted query engine is the most appropriate pathway.

Are you thinking about building an analytics experience with an API ready and waiting?

Get in touch today and we'll get you setup ✌

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