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Vizzly and Claro AI: Empowering AI Startups

May 16, 2024

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  • You’re exploring ways to enhance the reporting and analytics capabilities of your AI products.
  • You need a flexible embedded analytics solution that integrates seamlessly with your SaaS platform.
  • You’re looking for a case study on how fast-growing startups can leverage Vizzly to build and scale their analytics dashboards.
  • You want to understand how Vizzly’s combination of no-code and pro-code tools can benefit your team’s productivity and customer experience.

Claro AI helps software companies build, measure, and optimize AI products by fine-tuning models tailored to each customer’s specific use case and industry. This approach results in higher accuracy compared to generic, larger models. Like many SaaS platforms, Claro AI wanted to showcase the impact of their platform on users through robust data and analytics. However, as a fast-growing startup with a multitude of priorities, they needed an embedded analytics solution that was flexible, customizable, and quick to deploy.

The Challenge

In the competitive and fast-paced environment of a startup, feature prioritization is crucial. Deciding what to build in-house, what to defer, and what to buy off-the-shelf can significantly influence a company’s success. For Claro AI, a key aspect of their value proposition is measurement and optimization. They needed a robust reporting capability to illustrate how Claro AI enhances their customers' product experiences.

Given their rapid growth and the many features they needed to build for their expanding customer base, developing a reporting and analytics solution in-house was not feasible. They required a solution that was ready to go but also offered the flexibility to be tailored to their evolving needs. Traditional iframe-based embedded analytics tools were not an option as they lacked the necessary control over the user experience and often came with significant limitations.

The Solution

Vizzly provided the perfect balance of speed-to-market and future scalability that Claro AI was seeking. Vizzly’s embedded analytics solution offers both no-code and pro-code capabilities, making it ideal for fast-growing startups. With Vizzly:

  • Non-technical stakeholders can build and deploy dashboards quickly without writing code.
  • Developers have access to a suite of tools and APIs for deeper customization and control when needed.

Till Westermann, Co-Founder of Claro AI, highlighted how Vizzly enabled them to launch their analytics dashboard rapidly and continue to iterate efficiently:

“Using Vizzly, we launched an analytics dashboard within days, greatly enhancing our reporting capabilities and saving weeks of development time. Customization requests from customers and individual requirements became manageable, as Vizzly's solution allowed us to iterate quickly through a no-code approach.”

- Till Westermann, Co-Founder @ Claro AI

Implementation Process:

  1. Quick Setup: Claro AI signed up at the start of the week, and by the end, they had an operational analytics dashboard with active users.
  2. No-Code Dashboard Builder: The Vizzly platform allowed them to build and customize their dashboard using the no-code interface, ensuring a rapid deployment.
  3. Scalable Customization: For ongoing and future customization requests, Vizzly’s APIs provided the necessary tools to adapt and extend their analytics capabilities.


The integration of Vizzly’s analytics dashboard resulted in significant benefits for Claro AI:

  • Rapid Deployment: They delivered a robust reporting capability within days, showcasing the efficacy of Claro AI to their customers.
  • Time Savings: The no-code builder saved weeks of development time, allowing Claro AI to focus on other critical areas of their product.
  • Seamless Integration: Vizzly’s solution blended perfectly with Claro AI’s user interface, maintaining a consistent and native look and feel.


For AI startups like Claro AI, leveraging Vizzly’s embedded analytics solution offers a compelling mix of rapid deployment, flexibility, and scalability. Vizzly empowers companies to provide their users with detailed and customizable analytics without the heavy lifting of an in-house build.

If you’re a software company looking to enhance your AI products with robust analytics and reporting capabilities, explore how Vizzly can help.

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