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Vizzly goes live with Snowflake

January 22, 2024

We are thrilled to announce our integration with Snowflake! ❄️

With the powerful combination of Vizzly and Snowflake, you can build highly functional customer-facing data apps with a highly scalable and performant backend setup.

Why should you consider Snowflake?

1. Highly performant

Snowflake leverages the cloud's flexibility to provide high-performance query processing. You can easily scale up your virtual warehouse to handle larger data loads or high query volumes, and then scale it back down when you're done. This way, you only pay for the resources you use, ensuring efficient performance and cost savings.

2. Concurrency

Some data warehouses often struggle when multiple people or tasks need to access data at the same time. This can cause delays or even failures. Snowflake solves this problem with its unique multi-cluster architecture. It makes sure that when one group of people is running queries, it doesn't affect the queries of others. Each group has its own "virtual warehouse" that can scale up or down independently.

3. Support for structured & semi-structured data

Snowflake allows you to analyze both structured and semi-structured data without the need for upfront data conversion or transformation. You can directly load diverse data types into the cloud database, and Snowflake automatically optimizes the storage and querying of this data, simplifying your data analysis process.

4. Availability & security

Snowflake is built to ensure your data is always available, even if there are issues with components or networks. It does this by spreading your data across multiple availability zones in AWS or Azure. This continuous operation guarantees that your data stays accessible and reliable. Snowflake's also SOC 2 Type II certified and provides additional security features like support for PHI data for HIPAA customers.

5. Run Vizzly

If you're running Snowflake, you can now build beautiful customer-facing analytics for your customers. After you sign up. simply setup the Vizzly CLI, define your datasets, deploy Vizzly to your chosen cloud provider then code the identity logic with support from our SDKs. End-to-end, you can get up and running in a day.

What’s next for Vizzly?

We ship fast. Here’s a few things you can expect to see soon:

  • Multi-select filters
  • MongoDB integration
  • A very exciting announcement (stay tuned!)

If you’re interested in trialing Vizzly, schedule a demo and we'll get you setup with an account. Within half a day, you'll be up and running with your fist dashboard.

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