Top 6 product analytics startups

January 22, 2024

For years a few players dominated the product analytics space. Now, there are a stream of newcomers who are making waves offering products that span event tracking, embedded analytics, user guides and much more.

This post covers what we think are the top 6 product analytics startups to watch in 2024.


PostHog is an open-source product analytics tool that’s very much an army Swiss knife, allowing product managers to track events, session recording, feature flagging, embedded analytics for user-facing dashboards, and a handful of other products on offer. With a focus on user privacy and open-source, PostHog has established a strong go-to-market (GTM) pathway, competing against Mixpanel and Amplitude, for example.

Products & Features:

  • Event tracking: capture and analyze user interactions.
  • Session recordings: watch how users interact with your product.
  • Feature flags: test and release new features.
  • Embedded analytics: embed analytics dashboards in user-facing apps.


Vizzly is customer-facing analytics for software companies, solely focused on embedded analytics, a variation of product analytics. Vizzly offers a powerful SDK and no-code dashboard builder and query engine to help product and engineering teams get up and running with beautiful user-facing dashboards quickly and without compromise. User-facing analytics has become table stakes for SaaS companies, Vizzly makes that simple.

Products & Features:

  • Query engine (or semantic layer) for building datasets.
  • Embedding supported natively in React as well as Angular, Vue, and Svelte.
  • Custom reporting option for end-users to edit dashboards and build their own views.
  • JS services package for developers who want to build programmatically.


Userpilot is a product analytics tool focused on helping users build optimal onboarding flows, capture qualitative insights, and track in-app interactions. Userpilot is best known for their user guides and helping customers get a deep-level understanding of how customers feel as they’re engaging with the product in real-time. A quintessential tool for any product-led growth company.

Products & Features:

  • In-app product guides to help users navigate your app.
  • Embedded surveys for capturing qualitative insights.
  • Event tracking: capture and analyze user interactions.
  • Feature announcements: communicate new features at scale.


June is a new market entrant in the product analytics market, used predominantly by startup founders. June places a heap of emphasis on quick setup and simplicity, with a product designed to extract and provide only meaningful insight to help product folk validate and iterate on development.

Products & Features:

  • Event tracking: capture and analyze user interactions.
  • Auto-generated reports: receive analytics reports via email or Slack.
  • Query data with AI using natural language.
  • Automatically qualify your sign-ups based on product interactions.


Monterey is a copilot for product insights, built to help product managers aggregate and understand qualitative insights without hours of manual intervention, using AI. While a heap of product analytics tools is focused on quantitative event tracking, Monterey’s purpose is to find the value in the abundance of unstructured, qualitative data software platforms generate every day.

Products & Features:

  • Direction integrations with all your customer-facing applications.
  • Classification models for grouping and triaging key findings.
  • Powerful analytics dashboarding to help product managers distill insights.


Findly lets you chat with your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data. It’s an abstraction layer that sits on top of the GA4 API, designed to make data interactions more accessible to non-technical stakeholders, be that marketers, product managers, or other stakeholder groups. It’s no secret GA4 is bloated and awkward to navigate; the Findly team makes it easy. As of the time of writing, you can also connect to any relational database and speak with other internal product data.

Products & Features:

  • Powerful NLP-based capability for simple insight extraction.
  • Powerful and flexible data visualization and analytics.
  • Ability to connect directly to Slack and query Findly inside your native workflow.


There are a bunch of newfound startups, as mentioned above, and we have no doubt there are many more innovating in product analytics and challenging the likes of Mixpanel, Amplitude, and Pendo. Each of which helps in a different facet of product analytics—an incredibly broad topic these days.

If you're looking to build in-product analytics (user-facing analytics), get in touch today. Maybe Vizzly can help.

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