Vizzly enters Y-Combinator

June 1, 2022

📢 Announcement

We are super excited to announce that Vizzly has been accepted into Y Combinator for the S22 batch. Y Combinator is the world leading startup accelerator programme which has produced companies such as AirBnB, Stripe and Monzo.

📊 What is Vizzly?

Vizzly is an embeddable analytics tool which companies can plug into customer-facing apps. With Vizzly, your customers are able to build their own analytics experience.

Our thesis: if a company can design the perfect analytics experience for their users, they can maximise user engagement, retention and drive revenue growth.

We also believe in developer-centric design. For example, you can spin up a dashboard instance and pull your data model from GitHub all via the CLI. Pretty cool right?

🙌 Interested in trialling Vizzly?

If you're thinking about building (or enhancing) your customer-facing dashboard, then get it touch and we will get you setup with a 14-day trial.

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