How does Vizzly optimize for developer experience?

March 21, 2023

Embedded Analytics has some old school connotations associated with it. To many, it’s a White Labelled solution that sits awkwardly inside an iFrame on your web app.

If you’re building a reporting capability that scales with your evolving needs, the chances are your engineering team will want something extensible with your code. In practice, an extensible solution will allow your developers to access and manipulate data with greater flexibility, build on top of existing features and functionality, and customize the embedded dashboard to a far greater extent.

This blog post will cover what a developer-centric approach means in the context of embedded analytics, explain what Vizzly is doing to contribute to the problem space and why B2B SaaS companies should care.

What does Developer Experience mean in Embedded Analytics?

One of the major disadvantages of existing solutions is their rigidity, which affects both the developer experience and end-user experience (these two things are closely linked).

At Vizzly, we advocate for an API-driven approach. Certain parts of the product have a pre-defined user interface, while others are headless and customizable. This approach doesn't require you to build the entire frontend application from scratch, as would be necessary in a completely headless environment.

Why have we done this? Well, there are certain commonalities across all industries, such as structuring a question, selecting the appropriate visualization, and inferring an answer. However, there are also notable differences, such as varying levels of data literacy among end-users, differences in desired capabilities, and types of visualizations used.

To provide the best possible experience for your customer base, it is important to have control. Without it, you risk compromising your product and downstream metrics.

Nearly all market offerings expect you to build and design your analytics experience through a strict UI before embedding in an iFrame. With Vizzly, building a polished analytics experience that scales with your evolving user needs is straightforward.

We have recently released several new capabilities, including:

•  SDKs: Set up multi-tenancy for customer segmentation.

•  React Hook: Access our API directly to create charts and dashboards programmatically.

•  Webhooks for Scheduled Reporting: Send data to any location in any format.

•  Theme API: Pass CSS objects into your Vizzly embed directly from your design system.

•  Plugin API: Inject custom visualizations into your Vizzly embed.

•  JS-based Embeds: We support React and Vue

Angular support is coming soon. iFrame support will not be available...

For more information, check out our docs!

Are you a B2B SaaS company?

Over 70% of B2B SaaS companies have reporting or dashboarding capabilities. If this applies to you, chances are you'll need to consider the above information at some point.

Vizzly offers all the advantages of in-house development without the need to start from scratch. And remember, because it is a highly extensible product, it can scale with you as your business grows. Your engineering and design teams will appreciate it, trust us!